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EasyCall Communications Philippines Inc. (ECPI) is a publicly-listed company whose vision is to be a world-class business solutions provider of cost-effective technology, connectivity and interaction solutions to domestic and foreign markets.

The company started commercial operations in May 1989, pioneering in the alphanumeric paging services. In 1992, ECPI became the market leader in the industry and has maintained this leadership since, achieving phenomenal growth in its subscriber base until 1999 when the Short Messaging Service of cellular phone companies started to impact negatively on the paging industry. Anticipating the decline in the paging business due to this development, the Company as early as 1999 identified contact center outsourcing as a business opportunity with its huge market potential to be its future main business direction. In July 1999, the Company acquired the call center business of Siemens together with its only food chain order-taking customer and grew this from one client to six clients with more than 70 seats.

By the first half of 2000, with the internet industry enjoying a bullish trend, ECPI positioned itself to become a major player in internet industry leveraging on its subscriber base in messaging operations and gearing its planned internet infrastructure to handle 50,000 internet dial-up retail subscribers. It deployed the “best-of-breed” internet technology in partnership with the world’s leading technology providers such as Cisco for networking and router system, Sun Microsystems for servers and operating systems and Foundry for switches and caching engine. The network infrastructure is managed by a Network Operating Center (NOC) that is manned twenty hours every day throughout the year.

Currently, the Internet services offered by ECPI include Internet Access through dial up or leased line connections; Dedicated Access Service Features – domain name registration, configuration of customer premise equipment (“CPE”); Leased Lines installation and end-to-end circuit testing; Web Based Solutions – website development, web hosting, web applications development and Internet Data Center – 24 x 7 co-location services.

BY early 2000, it also started to focus on the foreign call center market, particularly the US and by April 2000, the Company secured a contract to provide a voice transcription service for a US based paging company. Later on, the Company also did other contact center projects with companies based in the United Kingdom and in the United States. In May 2002, ECPI finally signed up a joint venture agreement with Centralized Marketing Company (CMC), a multi awarded contact center company in the United States. The joint venture agreement with CMC will enable the Company to accelerate its entry into the huge contact center outsourcing market in the United States and have access to the best practices and training modules in contact center operations developed by CMC.

In its short corporate life, the Company garnered several awards, the latest of which was the Gold Award for “Outstanding Customer Service in the Telecommunications Sector” given by the Teleperformance International in July 2000.

On November 15, 2001, the Company’s stockholders approved the entry into the Company of the Transnational Diversified Group (“TDG”) through its subsidiary, Global E-Business Solutions Inc. (“GEBSI”). Headed by Mr. Jose Roberto C. Delgado, TDG is an established diversified and global corporate group with extensive capital, human resources, expertise and experience in the business of logistics, transport, ship management, food, consumer, travel services, investment and business process outsourcing services. ECPI is envisioned to fast-track TDG’s presence in IT-related outsourcing services, leveraging on the former’s contact center and Internet Data Center infrastructure and operating resources. On the other hand, ECPI will benefit from TDG’s vast business network, financial resources and expertise to grow the new ECPI businesses. GEBSI infused new capital of P52 million into ECPI, for which it secured a 33% interest in the Company.

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